Schools and children with Disabilities

When a child turns school age, they are no longer eligible for Preschool services.  School-age children with disabilities are eligible for Section 504 Plans and/or Individualized Educational Plans (IEP).  A child is eligible for an IEP until they either graduate from high school with a Regents or Local Diploma or until the end of the school year in which they turned 21.

Special Education Law

Quick Links

NY State Quick Links

Guide to NY State Graduation Diploma and Credential Requirement
NY State Part 200 Regulations.
NY State Procedural Safeguards Notice – Revised 8/17
NY State Procedural Safeguards Notice (Spanish Version) – Revised 7/13
The NY State Procedural Safeguard Notice is also available in Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Haitian Creole.
Placement of Students with Disabilities in Approved Out-of-State Residential Schools
Educational Services for Recently Arrived Evacuees, Refugees, Immigrants and/or Unaccompanied Children

Federal Quick Links

SSI and SSDI Benefits for children and individuals with disabilities)
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Federal Regulations to Implement IDEA
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
How to file a US Department of Health and Human Services Civil Rights Complaint -6/17/11

Advocacy Quick Links

NY State guidelines on evaluations and Independent Educational Evaluations
NY State Parent Guide to Special Education – 3/5/15
Prior Written Notices PWNs what you need to know – 3/27/19
Guide to IDEA Special Education Written State Complaints – 5/31/14
Guide to IDEA Special Education Mediation – 5/31/14
Guide to IDEA Special Education Due Process Complaints/Hearing Requests – 5/31/14
Guide to IDEA Special Education Resolution Sessions – 5/31/14
New Regulations from NY State on Impartial Hearings – 2/7/14
New Guidance from NY State on Alternative Assessments and the Common Core – 2/6/14
Understanding FERPA -8/15/11
How to prepare for a Committee on Special Education (CSE) Meetings
Many Women with Autism and ADHD Aren’t Diagnosed Until Adulthood


NY State Approved Private Schools

NY State Approved Private, Special Act, State-Operated and State-Supported Schools in New York State.
NY State Approved Out-of-State Schools Serving Students with Disabilities.



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