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Children, Young Adults, and Adults are referred to DEMARLE INC for a number of reasons. At the heart, however, patients are referred as they are trying to sort out why they are having a problem and they are looking for a plan on how to deal with whatever is found.

This is what you will receive when you become a patient at DEMARLE INC:

  • a comprehensive and detailed evaluation that will identify a patient’s strengths as well as the areas that are causing difficulties
  • a report that documents these findings, a plan to address these problems, a to do list of immediate and short term action steps
  • and the opportunity for follow up to ensure the plan is working.
  • If the patient is a child who needs help or support through a School or School system, Dr. DeMarle will also attend any recommended School visits, to ensure that the patients receives the support they need.

First Steps…

The first step in the process is to call the office and speak directly with Joanne, the office manager at 585-730-8888.

You will then be asked to gather together a number of records. For children, these records will include report cards, copies of NY State Testing, discipline reports, Section 504 Plans and/or IEPs, any other school testing (Psychological, Speech, and Language, Occupational therapy, Physical Therapy, etc…), and any relevant medical or mental health records. For college students, records will include some of the above with the addition of PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT results, College transcripts, and a resume. For Adults, records will include some of the above, plus your Resume or employment history.

You will also need to complete a number of forms. These will include an intake form and a release of information form. Depending on the patient’s age there will also be a number of other forms for the individual, their significant others (parents/spouse), and their supervisor (teachers/boss or supervisor). Click on the appropriate links below o download these forms:


For parents convenience the Standard evaluation is broken up into three separate fees. The fee for the one hour intake session is $145. The fee for the standard evaluation is $810. The fee for the hour or one and a half hour parent conference/interpretive session is $145. If the evaluation needs to be reviewed at a School meeting then the fee for a follow-up School meeting/CSE meeting is billed by the hour and includes the time to drive to and from the meeting. Some individuals need to be seen for an extended evaluation. The fee for this includes the fee for the standard evaluation, plus an additional fee. This fee maybe based on the complexity of the evaluation, ie. the amount of time needed to review past evaluations, school records, etc.. and to write up the evaluation, or the need for additional testing. The fee for an extended evaluation varies depending on these factors. If the individual needs to be seen for an additional day of testing then the fee for an extended evaluation will include a flat additional fee of $810.

There are times when specific individuals need to be evaluated in the home setting, or on a weekend (the office is not open on the weekends). In those situations the fee for the second visit is $930 instead of $810. If the person is outside of Monroe County and testing needs to be completed at their home the fee would be higher to account for travel time.

If parents are paying for the evaluation, the family may qualify for the sliding fee schedule. This sliding fee schedule is triggered if the child or family qualifies for free or reduced price lunch (Click on this link to see if you qualify for free or reduced price lunch). It also is applied if the parents, individual, or spouse are active or reserve members of the US military. Some families who do not qualify for these automatic discounts may also qualify for other discounts. It is up to the family to ask about these discounted fees. Make sure to ask.

Will My School Pay For This?

If a child is school age and has an IEP, or has been through the CSE process, they may be eligible to have the evaluation paid for by the child’s School District as an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE). If the evaluation is being paid for by another entity than the parents, such as a School district, the other entity is billed for the full cost of the evaluation. The fee will depend on whether the individual was seen for a standard or extended evaluation. The fee also includes a $100 administrative fee to process the IEE. If the evaluation needs to be completed off-site, in the home or school setting, then as above, an additional fee is charged (see above). The fee billed for an IEE does include presenting the information at a CSE meeting. This is an additional fee not covered through an IEE, just as it is not included in the cost of a standard or extended evaluation.

Click this link to read about a child’s right to an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE).

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