Available Discounts

(as of 1/1/2020)

There are two types of possible discounts that are offered at the discretion of DeMarle INC. The first is a military discount. To access this discount please bring a copy of a military ID or other proof that the family member has served or is currently serving. Please always remember to remind us at the time of payment that you are receiving the military discount. The discount is a grant offered to you in gratitude for your or your family members’ service. See the fee tab for details.

The second possible discount is based on whether a family qualifies for the sliding fee schedule. This sliding fee schedule is triggered if the child or family qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch.

Click this link to check your eligibility

Also, see:


It is up to the family to ask about these discounted fees and to remind us that you qualify each time you check out. Families should provide a copy of their last year’s tax return to access this discount.

The discount is offered as a grant through DeMarle INC. While there is no financial responsibility to repay this grant, it does come with a moral obligation to repay it through helping another parent, or through some other activities to help fight climate change or to help others in need.



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