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Services Provided

Initial Intake Visit

Individuals referred to the program are seen for an initial intake appointment with Dr. DeMarle to determine if their needs can be met through the program, and what is the best service or combination of services that will provide them with the help they need.

Following the Intake Visit, patients may be seen for a combination of services. These include two types of evaluation services.

  • Standard Educational Evaluation
  • Extended Educational Evaluation

Once an evaluation is completed, patients are seen on a regular basis for ongoing case management.

  • Case Management
  • Educational Consultations

In addition to the case management services, some children are also seen for specialized treatment services. These services may be provided by Dr. DeMarle or by one of his consultants. Consultant Services may be provided by Certified Special Education Teachers, Licensed School Psychologist, or Speech/Language Therapists

  • Organizational Skill Training
  • Parent Counseling and Training
  • Specialized Reading Instruction
  • Specialized Math Instruction
  • Speech and Language Services

Intake Visit

The purpose of this Half-hour to hour long hour visit is to review the individuals past history and present performance to provide a broad overview of the individual’s current strengths and weaknesses and to formulate the next steps in the overall treatment plan. The individual is then seen for a follow-up visit to review the findings and to plan out the next steps in the treatment plan.

Evaluation Services

A Standard Educational Evaluation
This is a comprehensive educational evaluation that provides information on an individual’s academic and learning strengths and weaknesses and provides specific recommendations on their educational needs.

Extended Educational Evaluation

This includes the testing completed in the standard educational evaluation but also provides more in depth analysis of specific skills and abilities, as well as complete ability testing.

This evaluation may include one of more of the following additional evaluation components, that are not included in the standard evaluation:

  • A Full Intellectual Ability Test – the standard evaluation includes a Brief Intellectual Ability measure.
  • An Adaptive Skills Evaluation, ex. a Vineland
  • A Speech and Language Evaluation

Case Management

The goal of follow-up services are to help the individual, their family, their physician, their mental health counselor, and their school team implement the individualized treatment plan, developed through the initial consultation or evaluation, and then to monitor the plan’s ongoing implementation and effectiveness.

Routine Educational Follow-up Visits

The key component of this program is the scheduling of routine follow-up educational consultations. At these visits, the individuals overall treatment plan is reviewed and if necessary changes are made to ensure the individual is making progress on their treatment goals. To help with this information is gathered on a regular basis from parents and school teams so that decisions can be made on the basis of actual data derived from these sources and from a variety of data sources.

Skill Training
Organizational skill training

Many children struggle with the organizational demands of school and home. Children with ADHD and LD’s tend to particularly struggle with these issues.

Dr. DeMarle specializes in teaching children tried and true organizational strategies that are particularly designed for children with these issues. This training is typically provided over a set of 5 1/2 study skills classes.

Parent Education and Training on Disability Related Topics

This includes
1, 2, 3, Magic – by Thomas Phelan.
Specialized Social Skills Training – Many children and adults struggle with social skills. For some children this occurs because they don’t know the actual skill, while others struggle because they do not use the skills they have. Dr. DeMarle works with both children and adults to teach these skills. Sessions are provided on an individual basis and are typically scheduled on an every other week basis.

Specialized Reading Instruction

Children with very specific reading disorders needs specialized reading instruction. These services are provided by a certified Special Education teacher and are provided on typically a once or twice a week basis. They are provided in the after school hours.

Specialized Math Instruction

Children with very specific math disorders need specialized math instruction. These services are provided by a certified Special Education teacher and are provided on typically a once or twice a week basis. They are provided in the after school hours.



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