Attending School Meetings


At the time of the parent conference/interpretive session, a number of specific recommendations are made.

For Preschool and School Age children, this may well include recommendations regarding their needs for specific accommodations or modifications or regarding what types of special education and/or related services they need.

Dr. DeMarle has been attending School-based meetings for over two decades to ensure that the individuals he works with receive the appropriate services they need. This includes his attending Committee on Special Education Meetings, Section 504 Meetings, or other School-based meetings on an as-needed basis.

The fee for these meetings is the standard one-hour consultation fee plus time for travel.

After an evaluation is completed, the parent will read over the evaluation and then share that information with the School District and request a meeting. Dr. DeMarle will provide direction through this process. Two to three days prior to that meeting, he will meet with the individual or their parents to review any updated School documentation and then prepare them for that meeting.

He will then attend the meeting with them.



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