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All children going through elementary through high school face challenges.  Many are able to handle those challenges with possibly a few tears, bumps, and bruises and then move on to college or adult life.

There are a number of children who due to a host of reasons, find this trajectory much, much more challenging.  Sometimes the problems are shown primarily in the home setting, but very often the problems are seen in both the home and school settings. 

Depending on the nature of the problem/s the main avenue for addressing the problem maybe the home setting but in others it is primarily the School, but most commonly it requires work both in home and in the school settings.

Fortunately there are many things that can be done in either setting to make a positive difference. 

In some cases, the problems are due to the presence of a specific disability or to specific disabilities.  If the child has a Disability then they have the right to have specific accommodations and modifications provided for them in a school setting through a Section 504 Accommodation plan. If the Disability/ies are to the point where they are educationally handicapping then the student has the right to a Free and Appropriate Education in the Least Restrictive Environment and they get through an Individualized Educational Plan or IEP. 

There are a number of posts (search the catergories and use the search feature) that cover issues in the home and in the school for children in this age range.

While it can be a trying time, with the right supports children can learn the skills they need to be as successful as they can be as they move to adulthood.



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