Employment can be particularly challenging when an individual has a disability or has disabilities. Fortunately, if the individual has an IEP in High School the School District is mandated by law to begin addressing transition issues (how to move from high school to adult life) in their IEP beginning when they turn 14. Unfortunately, while there may be some words in that section of an IEP, this remains a very underutilized powerful tool to help an individual learn the skills to move to adult life.

Once the individual graduates or transitions out of an IEP when they turn 21 if they have not already graduated. They are often on their own. Yet, there are programs available to help them succeed in work settings. They are also covered under the ADA as adults in workplace settings.

Employment for people with disabilities

"Working Works" PSA Cast Videos

Three new videos feature interviews with several of the individuals highlighted in the Campaign for Disability Employment’s (CDE) “Working Works” public service announcement (PSA). These cast members include Ish Escobar, a veteran with service-connected disabilities; Bruce Goebel, a cabinetmaker who had a machinery accident that severed his right hand; and Chanelle Houston, a research analyst who experienced a spinal cord injury in 2009. In the videos, Ish, Bruce, and Chanelle talk about their experiences returning to work after injury or illness and the important role that different people, including employers, colleagues, healthcare professionals, and family members, played in supporting them along the way.

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Preventing suicide at work - Prevención del suicidio en el trabajo

Being at work can be good for mental health. But the increasing pressures at work can be stressful. A difficult work environment or ongoing work-related stressors can worsen the mental health of employees. In some circumstances, they may take their own lives. But suicide is never the answer.

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Trabajar puede ser bueno para la salud mental, pero las crecientes presiones en el ámbito laboral pueden ser estresantes. Un entorno de trabajo difícil o factores que generen estrés de forma continua pueden agravar la salud mental de los empleados. En algunos casos, estos pueden llegar.

Disability Employment Training Center

“The Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN) created the Dinah Cohen Training Center for Disability Employment & Inclusion, a one-stop resource for comprehensive multi-media training on disability inclusion. The Center offers employers and others interested in disability employment strategies access to a variety of training on strategies, policies, and practices for advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace. It features a wide range of tools and resources for live workshops on disability-inclusion best practices, including PowerPoint presentations with accompanying speaker notes, videos on a variety of disability inclusion topics, online training, and archived webinars.”

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ADHD vs Executive Function Disorder and Employment

From the desk of Melanie Whetzel, M.A., CBIS, Lead Consultant – Cognitive/Neurological Team “On a recent conference call I had with an employee and his supervisor regarding accommodations for the difficulties the employee was having on the job, the issue of executive functioning versus ADHD came up. As we talked about the limitations and job difficulties, I mentioned that the employee probably had limitations associated with executive functioning, based on what he was citing as his most problematic job tasks. He stated that he had been diagnosed with ADHD, but never with issues involving executive functioning.

It is a common misconception that executive functioning is a diagnosis when it is more of a description of the brain’s self-management system. Individuals with cognitive difficulties or disabilities will often have problems with executive functioning – in other words, their brains may not be proficient in managing the tasks that are required of them. So while ADHD is a specific diagnosis, executive functioning deficits are very closely connected, but aren’t diagnosed as such.”

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Project Search

“Adult Project Search is a program offered by the Arc of Monroe, that provides employment education, and workplace exploration, for individuals with developmental disabilities. Interns are fully immersed in business for three 10-12 week sessions. The program includes an hour of classroom instruction, followed by hands-on work experience. The goal is to have interns employed at the end of the year.”

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