Adria R. Walker and Shawn Dowd – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle USA TODAY NETWORK – in the D&C on 4/26/21 on page A1

With spring break behind them and just a couple of more months in the school year, the ever-adaptable Sepulveda family room has changed yet again.

Gone are the long table and the area dedicated specifically for Jacob, the youngest child. The headphones, staples of the first few months of pandemic learning, are also absent.

Instead, each of the five Sepulveda children works in their own space as they’re finishing out the year learning remotely, a decision made by their parents out of safety concerns.

During previous check-ins for this news series, the Rochester family’s matriarch, Zumarie Sepulveda, has led the narrative direction. This time, the kids took charge — and like many children across the country, they made it clear they’re ready for the 2020-2021 schoolyear — a schoolyear like no other — to be over.

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