When two of Christopher Adams’ children developed eczema around 7 or 8 years old, he and his wife saw more changes in their kids than just the obvious skin trouble. “We have seen a decline in both of their concentration and focusing abilities in school and at home, and we are fairly confident it is directly correlated to the skin conditions,” Adams, the founder of aquarium website ModestFish.com, told Healthline. After several appointments with doctors, tests on both boys — now 12 and 14 — weren’t conclusive for any of the usual learning disorders, such as ADHD or OCD. But something was causing a learning disruption for them that their other son — who didn’t have eczema — didn’t experience. “Our psychologists agreed that the onset of learning disability has some correlation to them being focused on their bodies at times of breakouts, instead of what they should be concentrating on,” Adams said. 
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