Amy Neff Roth and Alex Cooper – Utica Observer-Dispatch USA TODAY NETWORK – in the D&C on 11/28/2020 on page A2

Eight-year-old Eh Moo Taw Heh lounges on a sofa, leaning against the arm with her Chromebook in her lap. Her brother, 10-year-old Saw Kler Kaw Htoo, sits on the floor nearby, his Chromebook perched on the coffee table that’s serving as his desk.

“I like being warmer. And my brother sleeps on the floor,” Eh Moo explains she she works on a music class activity, learning to read notes on a staff.

For their family of Karen refugees, the living room of their Utica home — with its two sofas, glass-top coffee table, large family portrait and bright pink and peach curtains — doubles as a classroom for Eh Moo and Saw Kler. They are the two youngest members of the family of 11, which includes six students, two of them in college, who are learning remotely this semester.

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