The stress on families due to the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the risk for child abuse and neglect, which already were at alarming levels. In 2018, an estimated 678,000 children were victims of abuse or neglect, according to the U.S. Children’s Bureau. Certain subsets of the pediatric population are more likely to be victimized, including children with disabilities, who suffer rates of abuse at least three times higher than typically developing children (Jones L, et al. Lancet. 2012;380:899-907). These higher rates can be driven in part by increased financial, emotional, physical and social demands on families. An updated AAP clinical report, Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities, offers the latest research on conditions that pose greater risk for abuse. It also discusses how the medical home plays a crucial role in identifying suspected abuse and neglect, and advocating for these children. 
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