Teacher’s Viral ‘Band-Aid lesson’ is the Simple Way to Teach Kids Fairness   A third-grade teacher from Utah has gone viral with a simple lesson she uses in her classroom. Aimee Scott told FOX News she decided to create the video of her “Band-Aid lesson” after meeting with several parents worried for their children at the start of the school year. The idea was to share it with other teachers so they could use it in their classrooms too. “At the beginning of the year, parents come rushing in with their concerns about their children,” Scott said. “They tell me all of the things that they are worried their children will be teased about. Type 1 diabetic children who need extra snacks to regulate their blood sugar and have beeping Dexcom monitors, students with ADHD who need flexible seating or fidget toys to help them concentrate, anxious students who need extra time on tests. The list is endless.” 
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